Bethany Groff

CrossFit Coach/ Personal Trainer



私の情熱は、皆さんを目標達成に導いたり、達成不可能に近い目標に近付ける為の手助け、そしてその過程で彼らが楽しみながら向っていくのを見る事です。これが私がコーチになった理由です。私が沖縄にいる間はCrossFit Mongooseのメンバーが毎日ジムの内外で目標を達成できるようにお手伝いできることを願っています。私はあなたの背中を押すことを約束し、あなたが喜んで私の背中を押してくれることを願っています!!!
A little bit about me… I’m a Navy spouse with my own 18 yrs of service in the Army National Guard. I have 2 little crazy boys and a husband who all love everything outdoors. So far since being in Okinawa our favorite things are hiking, kayaking or swimming at the beach! I have a Bachelors of Science degree in K-12 physical Education and a minor in Nutrition. I found CrossFit in 2014 and have been a member at a box or doing it on my own ever since!! I fell in love with this sport as soon as I started and have been pushing to get better every step of the way!! My passion is in helping others achieve their goals that they longed for or have felt unattainable and to make sure they have fun during the process, this is why I became a coach!! My hope is to be able to help the members at CrossFit Mongoose achieve goals in and out of the gym everyday while I’m here, I promise to push you and I hope you are willing to push me!!!



 CrossFit Level 1 


Individual Program Design