Internship Program


CrossFit Mongoose Internship Program Overview:

The environment created by a CrossFit gym places unique demands on a coach, and we expect that all of our coaches have the ability to adapt and place their athletes in a position to progress and succeed both mentally and physically. To ensure the highest level of attention is given to our athletes, CrossFit Mongoose requires an extensive internship before we agree to let an individual lead a class.

At CrossFit Mongoose, we identify a qualified coach as someone who can demonstrate adequate knowledge pertaining to the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit and all of the CrossFit methodology. A qualified coach should be able to teach, see and correct movements with a relentless attitude, at the same time as being caring and understanding of client’s needs.

To be accepted into the CrossFit Mongoose Internship Program, potential applicants must write a letter or submit a video addressed to the Head Coach describing their background, what CrossFit means to them and why they would like to work at CrossFit Mongoose. Upon receiving the letter/video, the Head Coach will evaluate and respond to the applicant in a timely manner.

The focus of this program is to give the potential coach the tools and knowledge necessary to excel as a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer, and will allow us to evaluate the potential coach’s performance and knowledge, and understanding of the CrossFit culture.

The CF-L1 Internship is broken into five phases:

  1. Assist/Shadow and participate in one full cycle of our On Ramp Program with a CrossFit Mongoose Coach
  2. 10 hours of shadowing CrossFit classes
  3. 10 hours of assistant coaching CrossFit classes
  4. 10 hours of coaching classes under direct supervision of the Head Coach

After each phase the potential coach will have an assessment meeting with the Head Coach to review their performance, and will be given valuable feedback on how to improve for the next session. We expect the potential coach to take all advice seriously and to demonstrate constant improvement from session to session.

The Head Coach will have the following three options moving forward:

  • Not Now – The Head Coach may wish to stop the CF-L1 Internship Program at this time.
  • Continue – The potential coach will continue with the next phase of the CF-L1 Internship Program; continuing to improve and learn about the coaching standards.
  • Offer Part-Time Coach Position – The head coach may wish to stop the CF-L1 Internship Program at this time and offer the potential coach a position as an assistant coach.

Below are the evaluation criteria for the potential coach:

  • Presence and Attitude
  • Managing Groups
  • Teaching movements
  • Seeing and Correcting static positions and dynamic movement
  • Building Relationships
  • Educating and Inspiring the participants
  • CrossFit Methodology – interns will be required to read articles from the CrossFit Journal, and present the topics to a panel of coaches during monthly team meetings

To Apply

Send a copy of your resume, cover letter and any other pertinent information to


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