You have a plan for training and fitness. But do you have a plan for nutrition?

The Kitchen WOD will give you a personalized nutrition plan, accountability, and the education to maintain life-long healthy habits.
We work with all people – from athletes who need precise macro-based nutrition plans to achieve their competitive goals, to
people who just want to improve body composition and be healthier.

I definitely recommend The Kitchen WOD for anyone who is ready to learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that empowers you to take control of your nutrition for weight loss, performance, and mental clarity. The nutrition coaches are very knowledgeable and encouraging. The Kitchen WOD is a great resource to have. Ive lost 10 pounds since starting and can definitely see more definition in my body along with major improvements in my performance at the gym.

Melody Schmutz

Coach Holly and Coach Jay have helped me understand nutrition and have a better relationship with food. I thank them so much for helping me realize that its okay to eat carbs and fats. Having a relationship with nutrition and knowing what to eat and when has changed my life.

Miho Takagi

Meet Your Coaches

Jason Day

Precision Nutrition Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist, M.S. Sports Science in Sports Rehab and Sports Nutrition. 

As a fitness and nutrition professional for 10 years, Jason loves helping others achieve goals they thought were unattainable. 

Holly D'Arcy

Precision Nutrition Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, NASM CPT 

Holly has over many years of experience working with client athletes who want to compete in a sport to individuals seeking weight-loss or just lifestyle changes. She helps people develop a positive body image and relationship with food and uses food as fuel for performance.


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