Waking Lions Performance & Rehab

Our Goal is to utilize our skills, knowledge & experience by providing quality programming to improve your well being and prepare you for whatever journey you are embarking on.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and look forward to working with you for your specific goals & needs.

Whether it is sports specific performance goals, performance therapy, rehab therapy or basic physiotherapy needs we are here for you.


 Personal Training at Waking Lions is one of the best training services offered in Asia. We are dedicated in our approach to training individual clients. Our staff is highly qualified and each has a unique background and specialty which enables them to meet the needs and goals of every individual.

Performance/Rehab Assessments

This is usually the best place to start when starting any type of rehab protocols. Our Assessment is typically completed over 2 training sessions and provides enough information for most athletes.

The Assessment includes but is not limited to:

Ankle and Shoulder Mobility Assessments
Lower Body Strength Balance Assessment
Upper Body Strength Balance Assessment

Individual Program Design/Distant Coaching

 Our Waking Lions Individual Programming is an individualized monthly program written by one of our highly experienced coaches. The program is created with you specific individual goals in mind which makes it suitable for anyone regardless of whether they are new to their sport of choice or an experienced athlete. This platform requires the individual client to have a high level of dedication and commitment in order to achieve their goals.

Manual Therapy

Prevent & treat the onset, symptoms and progression of impairments, functional limitations and disabilities that may result from diseases, conditions, or injuries with hands on techniques.

Ready to identify weaknesses and pain?